This activation ceremony is a once in a universal moment to experience with Huna Flash and the Huna Family, its activation marks a point in our present moment where our evolution is now aligning to the Lemurian Ominverse Drive Calendar.

This Door is located on the Namu Motu / Lemurian Birth sign of the Dove, which is the continental creature aligned to arch angel Michael, it is part of a Motu Birth sign Grid that overlays the human grid with the planetary grid,

Powerful alignments and energies can be accessed through these doors, which number to 36 in total with 12 mountain apex portals included for a total of 48 access points, aligned to your 24 Strand dna coding, one must be aligned to the Lemurian Omniverse Drive Calendar to access the powerful sacred guardianship that protects these points.

It has been channeled that a fourth human who carries the dna of Arch Angel Michael, shall enter to walk this earth, in part we go to prepare this Motu Door for those beings entering through this birth sign of the Namu Motu/Birth sign of the Dove, I invite all those Arch Angel Michael supporters and lovers of his essence, those who have called upon his essence for help, to join with us in this monumental occasion, as i activate my 15th Motu Door in the name of the Namu Motu and on behalf of Michael,

June 11th: Fly to St Petersburg Russia and check in
June 12th : Tour a sacred site in St Petersburg Russia
June 13th: Fly to Archangelisk and check in
June 14th: Ceremony Preparation Workshop
June 15th: Activation Ceremony
June 16th: Integration and Energy Release
June 17th: Checkout & departure


St Petersburg, Crown Plaza Hotel, Welcome Dinner Included
Arkhangelsk, Novotel Hotel Welcome Dinner Included
Site Tour is Included
Workshop includes materials, lunch and dinner

Not Included:

Attendee is responsible for all of their flights
Attendee is responsible for all of their accommodations
Be sure to book your accommodations at or near to the Crown Plaza in St Petersburg and at or near the Novotel in Arkhangelsk

COST: $1111

Take Advantage of the EARLY BIRD SPECIAL of $999 until March 28th, 2021


  1. Several years ago, Arch Angel Michael appeared beside my bed, in Victoria, Texas, Victoria County, during the astral time, just before waking. He had slightly wavy, light brown, glistening hair, long, but straight cut above the shoulders, and was wearing a long, white toga with an ornamental belt wrapped like an x over his chest and on around his waist. Upon seeing him standing there, not saying anything, just observing me, seemingly deep in thought, I stood, though I know my body still lay in the bed beside me. I raised my right hand to lay my open hand on his chest, and, all in one motion, asked, “Are you for real?”. Just when my hand would have touched him he disappeared and I awoke in my bed. If this was some sort of message; I have no idea what it could mean. My name is Sherry Kay Rohan, born June 21, 1957, 7:55 A.M. in the Victoria county hospital, in the same city I presently live at 2605 Miori Lane. My Mom’s lineage (children of Halliburton/ Isobel Stewart) can be traced to dagon, a fallen one, I assume, though her lineage married away during generation sinclairs entered through marriage; my Dad’s maternal can be traced to “a man that wed a she-wolf. I was given this revelation several years ago in a dream by his Mother, my passed over Czech Grandmother, whose Mom was born in the Moravian city her family had lived for 16 generations. Grandma was dressed in a fine cotton black dress of mourning, she showed me an old, torn up wedding photo when I asked her why she was crying, that had been taped back together, and kept repeating, “I didn’t know,” over and over. My, had she been sitting here crying ever since 1983 when she passed over? Do these lineages condemn me to everlasting torment? At this point I feel maybe so. Any suggestions for redemption; is this even possible? I am an insignificant person, educated, yet, having risen to no greater height than a displaced wife and mother . On May 28, 2011 I suffered a TBI when a car ran into me at a stoplight, that I was told, should have killed me. I long ago renounced all affiliations with religion, its sacraments, and ceremonial certificates issued that I held, and those of my four children, that I was responsible for initiating over the years. God never came when astral visitors, monsters, followed me in my sleeping state. Presently, I am isolated, living with my aged Mom, paying my keep by preforming any labor she may need. I am on no gov programs, I do not qualify, they say I am a rare case, whatever that means. I received hardly enough funds to pay medical bills from the accident. Are you only able to assist those who send funds? I am best reached by U.S mail if you are able, and willing, to assist with release. Maybe you can just say the words there where you are and I could be released of their mischief.

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