The healers of the first light course is an amazing curriculum for those already serving in a healing capacity, enabling you to enhance your skills and upgrade your healing modalities. 

Dramatically raise your vibrations,frequencies, energies and magnetics through a more intense connection.

The healers of the first light course is not only for healers or aspiring healers. It’s a great course for anyone who wishes to purify their community, home and themselves. 

The course does not conflict with other tools or modalities. In fact the tools and knowledge in this course will align you to a deeper understanding of healing and of light.


Begin your journey to becoming a Healer of the 1st Light, receiving the wisdom and knowledge of healing with the modalities and medicines of 1st light.
Operating with the Uni-Scope of many ways and the calendar of 1st light, you can be of profound service to your local community, your planetary community and your cosmic community, as a being of immense light force.
In an unprecedented action, Huna Mauta Kumara Ta Ki Ni Mara Na is offering access to these tools via a series of workshops both on location and online.
As a Huna he no longer proclaims to be a master. He shares with the world now the Way of the Huna, the style of lead follow lead.
The actions of the whale and the dolphin as a mode of sharing and expansion of the one in the many and the many in the one, no masters and no students.

“Everything for everyone, and as such there is little need for anything”



The Healer of the 1st Light course consists of four components:

“Light that protects the Water”

In this stage you will recieve the modalities and protocols to purify your home, community and yourself, to align your nine senses for higher service, with the use of profound tools and a language that enhances vibration, frequency and energy.

“Light force in Action”

Powerful actions to enhance the activation and movement of energy for your use, light signing language and symbols that offer a fluid action to improvise where and when needed, enhancing your nine senses as an added feature.

“Light medicines in the Form”

This device aligns you to the decoding of the historic patterning and codes of the once was, by allowing one to fully rise with the responsibility of one’s own light, thereby increasing the value of one’s light to be of the highest service to the codes of and within the light.

“Light of First Fire”

This final stage aligns your breath of fire with the multidimensional access to the many pathways of the healing light, to access the profound tools of extended reach to offer liberation and release to all light captured in the memory, thereby revealing the being trapped within the self, to discovering the extended self, the expanded self, the multiverse of self, the Healer of 1st Light.


You will learn to erase the memories and energies of past lives and energies that have existed before,by creating zero-point water, as a tool, will do a clearing protocol to your home, in a way that will help raise your vibrations and create a safe environment for you and your family.

A tub or spa can be used to cleanse and purify yourself in the water as a healing lagoon protocol. You can help yourself, your clients, family members and community members to cleanse off energies that have attached themselves.

Many Communities have been created on or around sacred monuments or sites that have somehow become un-sacred. Many rivers, lakes, forests and mountains have experienced fatal human tragedies and require a return to sacredness. Using the Waikara you will be able to take on large tasks like these and completely clear and purify the location.

Your intentions can be amplified by learning this sequence of codes and language. This allows you to take your ceremony or protocol  to higher levels of success.  This makes your efforts that much more powerful and stable, while in turn raising your vibrations as a healer and making the connection to your higher self effortless. 

Learning the movements of this phase of the Pouata will help you to increase your learning ability step by step. It allows you to integrate your flow and connection with the spoken codes and actions, deep listening and deep feeling.
This class will increase your awareness in preparation for the next phase.

This class builds on the first Pouata class accelerating your learning and physical abilities with the Staff.

In this stage of the Pouata you will combine all movements you’ve learned and practiced in the previous classes.
You will be able to reveal your control and the actions to show how the Pouata is an extension of you.

Finally in this stage as you complete the Pouata you will prepare to lead a team through all the movements and codes.
Building the confidence within you to be the leader and raise your vibrations while doing so.

Sector 3 – KA, shows us the Lemurian B-Earth Signs, the Motu, and how these signs are connected to the human grid and the planetary grid.
You will learn the language and the purpose or essence of each Motu and how it resonates with your birth month alignments.

Sector 2-HA reveals to us the healing energies within the light, that are aligned to your Motu. Sector 2 contains 24 light medicines represented by 24 creatures of the star nations, that are present in the light of day.
You will learn to connect to these medicines by speaking their codes and activating them through healing modalities from the healers of the first light.

Sector 6-HI is a convergence of all sectors. We call it the Hunascope, spoken of as First Fire of intention. We reveal how all of the sectors operate together through an intention, thereby creating from vibration, energy, frequency and magnetics molded and shaped by your intention, while utilizing all of the sectors super intelligence and super nature.

The star gates of Lemuria are located in sector 5 of the torus field. Through these star gates you will have access to the destiny omniverse and all that is gifted for you there.
It requires one to be of matching frequencies to gain access and go beyond these gates of the star nations.

The Motu Grid is located on 12 Continents. The 12 continents are the embodiment of the Motu on the ground and in the form, forming the land water and sky of the planet. Like the skin of the planet, it is the skin of mother, synonymous in its actions to heal and regenerate the planet.
In the name of the mother on behalf of the mother the grid links the life forms and the planet together as part of the symbiotic bearthing system.
Connected to the undistorted the light line through the apex krystal and the operating system of the Lemurian Calendar the healer learns the tools to access and communicate with the Motu at these grid locations.

Once you learn to activate the Motu portals, you will give service and maintenance to keep these areas purified. Ceremonies and prayers can be performed here, in groups or alone and as a place to pilgrimage to. Knowledge and wisdom can be downloaded at these locations.

Learn the powerful ceremony of the infinite fractal and the cracking ceremony. You are being prepared to align a group and lead them through an intention of the highest service to help heal persons and/or land, water and sky.

Becoming the light navigator is to converge with and integrate all wisdom and knowledge from the modules you’ve taken.
Go beyond your limits and allow the entire Hunascope of wisdom and knowledge to enter your 9 senses, so you may rise to the challenges that the Healers of the First Light experience while being of service to the highest intentions.