In the Seal, we return to the Memory of the Waho, the First Breath. You may know it as the infinity sign. Original Blueprint knows it as the dance of the Whale and the Dolphin, the Cosmic Universal Infinite Pure Ultimate Love and Beingness.

The Seal of the Living Light Legacy is an answer to the call for Alignment to the Waho of the One Consciousness. It is a ceremony that returns you to when your light emerged bright at Zero Point. Zero Point is the cleansing of all past lineages, lifetimes and circumstances which brings you to neutrality so that your pure Light Essence can enter and ignite your Dragon Energies. 

It is a reset and return to the 1st Stone Ancestor, a purifying modality which causes a release of the ego’s hold and allows one to see the Whole Self in its True Light beyond the beliefs and stories. It takes you beyond the baggage and skeletons of your lifetimes, lineages, the sorrow and pain of the Dynasties, Kingdoms and Tribe’s you once lived. 

You can return to the True Story before it was manipulated and installed into the DNA. This transformative process is required to help rewire and deprogram what you have absorbed by those who have whispered imprints into your mind over the aeons.

Assistance is needed from a Kumara, one who has offered to guard the Children of Earth and assist in their upward progress, to accomplish this. Huna Mauta Kumara will navigate you through the depths of your Soul and return you to the stillness in neutrality where remembrance begins and ends. This allows a new path to be carved from Mastery and the knowledge of what it means to be One in the Many and the Many in the One. Huna Mauta Kumara uses the Zero Point Water and Zero Point Stone from 1st Lemuria in this Ceremony and will connect with you through the dance of the Whale and the Dolphin in the Waho.

The Seal of the Child Ceremony can be done via a Zoom Conference call or if Mauta is traveling in your area, it can be done in person. This will depend on Mauta’s schedule and your location as Mauta travels around the world bringing WAHO to our planet.

It may take some time to integrate the ceremony, as your comprehension of light language awakens. Remembrance is bringing to us Universal Right Relationship beyond the casual relationship of free will. We are returning to the Universal Right Relationship of Cosmic Free Will that which is in Alignment to the Laws of Nature and the Laws of the Cosmos. This is a profound and transformational experience which requires patience and dedication. Pay attention to Dreams and Insights after your Seal to help you integrate your new state of beingness.

Activation of the Seal of Living Light Legacy is required for comprehension of the deeper details so you can remember and stand next to each other in LOVE and beyond Love is JOY…HOME SWEET HOME!!!

Before booking, please be advised that due to the high volume of seal requests and Huna Flash's travel schedule, the current wait is about 4-6 weeks. Thank you for your patience and understanding.